Little GazettE Things

The little things that make the GazettE who they are. If you have something that stands out about the GazettE to you, submit it. Let's get together and show the GazettE why we love them
meibemeibelline said:
Idk if chizuruki still wants to know this but about Aoi's ponytail: His hair is layered. The middle third of all his hair is tied into the ponytail at the top. The other two sides of the long hair are just left hanging in front of your shoulders and the short parts are behind his ears. You might be able to do the pompadour thing without a lot of hairspray if your hair is light. Might not be what's actually going on, but I think it's pretty close ^^

Thank you!

Hopefully they’ll see this ^-^

- Elle

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chizuruki said:
Amazing page! I recently got into Gaze (about a month ago). I learned some good stuff about my new babies! I have a question. #196. Does anyone know how he does it? I looked everywhere and can't find it and when I try it looks like crap. Help? Thnx!

Hello! Thank you for the wonderful comment ^-^ It’s always appreciated :3

As for Aoi’s hairstyle, I’ve been looking at it, and I must say I’ve noticed a few things that might help ^^

First off, it’s obvious that Aoi’s hair is layered and packed with product. I think to achieve this look you need to have that silky smooth hair that some products give you. It needs to be light and wispy as well, so that you can get that messy look to it. 

By the looks of it, I don’t think it’s even a proper pony tail (oops) lol. Now, I’m only looking at one angle of the hair, but it looks like he just has bangs and maybe a section of his hair from the top of his head tied very high. It looks like there’s some twisting done near the top as well, and I’m pretty sure he would use back combing and a lot of hairspray to get that pompadour thing going on… Other than that, I think the rest of his hair is actually down lol

But yeah, I’m not quite sure to be honest. I can’t see the back of his head from that picture and to be honest, I’m not very good with hair and shit lol

Maybe if any of our followers have any tips they’d like to share, they’d be kind enough?

- Elle 

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Okay srsly. Help wanted.

I’m looking for a fourth admin for this blog. Not too sure if ‘Little X Things’ blogs are popular anymore but I want to keep this blog going :(

First off, as I’ve explained before, I’m living in a flat with no internet so that sucks Ruki’s almost non-existent balls. That leaves me no time for the blog. So help is needed! 

You should have~
- Basic picture editing skills.
- Extensive knowledge on the GazettE, who they are, who each member is and ALLLLL their history.

And that’s it. Please submit a graphic with and edited picture including a number in the corner, some text, and the tumblr address at the bottom. There are no limitations to what the picture is, and you can do as much or as little editing as you want.

Have fun and I look forward to your submissions! ^^

- Elle

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chizuruki said:
Hey... Just wondering if everything was good down here. You haven't posted anything in a while... Is just from being too busy, or no inspiration? I don't want to sound rude- just checking up on MIA GazeFans. Xoxo.


Thank you for checking up on us ^^
Thought I’d answer this question publicly so that I could explain myself :3 I started college and I’ve moved into a flat with no internet (ikr?!)
So yeah, that’s where I’ve been :[ It’s sucky and hopefully I can continue with this blog whenever I can.


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Submit your own!

Hey everyone~

If you have any Little GazettE Things you would like to share, please send your suggestions!

I would be very grateful to receive all suggestions since this blog is for you all as well and to appreciate every little thing the GazettE does that makes us smile.

Please, send anything you feel would be suitable. I’ll be awaiting your messages(:

- Natasha